We offer several invaluable services to our residents, including job search assistance, one-on-one case management, and educational opportunities.

Step into Action is a program developed in collaboration with:

  • Anoka County Library (Library)
  • Anoka County Workforce Center (WFC)
  • Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE)
The Library’s outreach to Stepping Stone’s residents opened a door so that the WFC, ABE, and the Library could pursue a pilot project for a long-term program to serve Anoka County’s homeless.   These partners have an established record of providing training to unemployed or underemployed residents of Anoka County.


Step into Action provides:

Employment Search

  • Job search training
  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Job retention skills
  • On-the-job success


  • Evaluation and assessment for educational opportunities
  • Access to Anoka County’s resources for education and training


  • Weekly visits from Anoka County Librarians
  • Assistance for residents on Internet searches regarding jobs, housing, and education

In addition Stepping Stone also provides:

Case Management

  • Weekly one-on-one case management with Stepping Stone Case Navigators
  • Collaboration with Navigators to develop an Individual Goal Plan (IGP)

Financial Literacy

  • Basic introduction to finances
  • Banks vs. Credit Unions
  • Credit vs. Debit
  • Financial coaching (weekly or monthly)

Medical Services

A free health clinic is offered for residents once per month.

  • Monthly visits from Allina Health Professionals
  • Preventative health care
  • Referral to follow-up health care, as needed
  • Health Education for after our residents leave