Our unique adult homeless shelter features a full-service cafeteria, exercise room with equipment, computer lab, and arts & crafts room.

Serves all 66 residents three meals each day, plus a snack in the evening. Each resident is put on a rotation of chores to either prepare the cafeteria for a meal, serve that meal, and/or clean up after the meal. All food served is donated by local businesses, retail outlets, schools and faith-based organizations. Committed volunteers pick up these daily donations, as well as bring prepared meals to serve to our residents. For more information how you can get involved with our Cafeteria, please contact Tracy Pierce at

 Arts & Crafts
  • Paint, stamp, knit and crochet the stress away! 
  • A healthy outlet for stress and a creative way to exercise your mind.
Computer Lab
  • Eight computers are provided to our residents during specific times during the day.
  • Anoka County Librarians provide weekly instruction on Internet searches for jobs, housing, and schooling, as well as productive ways to use the Internet.
Exercise & Recreation
  • Residents get to enjoy some time while they are at Stepping Stone.
  • This allows residents to release some energy and laugh with fellow residents. 
  • A good, healthy outlet to release some energy and stress.