How to Get Help

IMG_0459We know that you are going through an extremely challenging time. We know that you may be facing seemingly endless obstacles. And, we know that asking for help is not easy. But we also know that we are here to help YOU…

  • Help you get on your feet again.
  • Help you out of a time in your life that you would rather not be going through.
  • Help you NEVER have to experience homelessness again.


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Minimum Requirements for staying at Stepping Stone:
  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must be a United States citizen
  3. Never been convicted for murder, arson, or a sexual offense
  4. Cannot be a registered sex offender
  5. Cannot be on Intensive Supervised Release (ISR)
  6. No felonies within the past three years
  7. Priority is given to US Veterans and Youth (ages 18-24 years old)

How to Get Help

Call today if you need help!


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Coordinated Entry

Supports people in matching their housing needs with the appropriate resources.
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