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A Partnership to End Homelessness

“This season we are working together to help end homelessness in our community.”


Stepping Stone Emergency Housing has partnered with Norhart to raise awareness and money for the homeless population. This holiday season they are engaging their residents with the initiative to end homelessness.  In this video they have told Ken’s story.  Ken is a resident here at Stepping Stone that wasn’t given the best start in life.  He eventually lost his job and was couch hopping between friend’s houses.  Eventually he lost many of those friends and found himself living on the street.  Stepping Stone was able to help turn his life around.

The passion behind Norhart is to create a better way to live.  Check out Norhart’s page on ending homelessness to see what they are doing to support our mission to provide housing and support.  Also check out their new community buildings in Blaine and Forest lake.

apartment building in Blaine

apartments in Forest Lake