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New Executive Director Named…Julie Jeppson


Anoka, Minn., Tuesday, Oct. 3 – Julie Jeppson has been named the next Executive Director by Stepping Stone Emergency Housing’s Board of Directors. Ms. Jeppson will officially assume this new role on October 1, 2017.

“Stepping Stone Emergency Housing’s Board of Directors unanimously selected Julie Jeppson to be our next Executive Director,” says Kelly Matter, Stepping Stone Board Chair and President of RESOURCE, Inc. “The Stepping Stone Board started working six months ago when Kevin Martineau announced his plan to retire. In order to maintain the integrity and reputation that Stepping Stone has developed under his leadership, we worked with Kevin to make sure Stepping Stone’s future was put into the best hands possible. We found that with Julie.”

Over the past five years, Ms. Jeppson has taken an ever-increasing role in Stepping Stone. Starting as the Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Jeppson quickly found that her passion and purpose in making individual lives better fit perfectly with the vision, mission and values of Stepping Stone. During her time at Stepping Stone, she has worked to engage the community, to educate others about those experiencing homelessness, and raise funds to support the growth of programs and services as the need for those needing shelter continues to increase. As Executive Director, Ms. Jeppson will continue to lead Stepping Stone’s strategic planning process and guide Stepping Stone to expand its reach of programs and services to a larger population.

“I am humbled and honored to serve as Stepping Stone’s next Executive Director. We work so hard every day to strengthen our one-of-a-kind programs and services in order to help those who call Stepping Stone ‘home.’ I look forward to working with our communities and for our communities, continuing to help the men and women who need it the most. It’s exciting to look towards the future with honesty and integrity, answering the question, ‘What next?’”

Kevin Martineau will remain at Stepping Stone as the Business Manager until his final transition into retirement at a date yet to be determined. Mr. Martineau started at Stepping Stone in May 2013. During his four years with the organization, he and Ms. Jeppson have quadrupled Stepping Stone’s operating budget. Most recently, funding was secured through the legislative process which will enable Stepping Stone to keep its lights on and its doors open indefinitely. “If you could dream of a retirement plan, this would be it. I’m leaving exactly the way I want to: I’ve loved working with Stepping Stone, helping to build a strong, necessary organization that truly lives by its mission of helping people. I’ve also had the privilege of handing the baton to Julie, someone who I truly believe will do great things for Stepping Stone and its residents.”

Stepping Stone is the only licensed homeless shelter for single adults in Anoka, Washington, Dakota, Scott and Carver counties. They have a capacity to serve 66 men and women, ages 18 and older who are experiencing homelessness, as they strive towards self-sufficiency. Stepping Stone continues to be at capacity with a waiting list consistently between 190 and 240 individuals. In 2017, Stepping Stone will provide emergency and programmatic shelter for almost 650 men and women experiencing homelessness, equating to over 30,000 shelter nights provided for the year.