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My Story…

My journey to Stepping Stone is about triumph, personal growth and accepting help. I think that my story is nothing to be ashamed of because I learned a lot about the world around me, but even more about myself. I would like to start by sharing a saying that I heard here at Stepping Stone,
If you build a man a fire, you keep him warm for a day. If you set a man’s soul on fire, you keep him warm for a lifetime.
This reminds me to live truthfully by putting myself first so that I am more content with my own lifestyle.

The broken road that lead me to Stepping Stone is one marked with people’s empty word and false promises. I think learning to trust in myself is probably the most valuable thing that has ever happened in my life. I currently stand in defiance to the idea that I’ll never make it anywhere. Trusting in myself, I am triumphant because I know that I can make it anywhere. This assurance is priceless to me. So, to the ones who took advantage of my resources and my circumstances, I have to say…THANK YOU!

Within four weeks of being at Stepping Stone, I have changed so much of my life. I have a new job that I started a week ago. I have been much more active, both physically and socially, more than I have been in years. I think that the new personal growth I am experiencing is going to be adaptable to all kinds of different situations I could go through in the future. These facts coupled with the new confidence I’ve found from watching myself succeed, will definitely help me overcome anything my future brings.

I have to admit, at first the thought of going to a homeless shelter was scary. So THANK YOU to Stepping Stone staff and residents. Everyone involved help break the stigma of what being homeless is like. From the time I put myself on the list to when I got a bed, was only a week. Within being there three weeks I got a job and starting to get back on my feet again. I think that these advances in my life were only capable because I felt comfortable with the resources (computer lab and workout room) and basic needs provided.

THANK YOU to all involved in having this opportunity at my disposal. Stepping Stone Emergency Housing helped build a new ME!

Written by Brian, a current resident of Stepping Stone