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Anoka putting an end to camping out on public property

Just got off the phone with a reporter from the Star Tribune. She is following this story in which the Anoka City Council will vote on December 7 for a new city ordinance which will address any inconsistencies in the current law regarding camping or storing personal belongings on any public property in the city of Anoka.

Planning Director Carolyn Braun said, “You can’t camp in any park, any street or publicly owned property – whether it’s owned by the city of Anoka or some other agency.”

Whether or not you agree with the Anoka City Council’s decision, please know that Stepping Stone provides our residents (18 and older Youth and Adult individuals) with their basic needs, plus one-of-a-kind programming and services, which a state policy maker said is unlike any other organization in the state, let alone the country.Anoka Camping