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Stepping Stone Emergency Housing 2013 Video Series

Hear some of our resident’s stories, not to create sympathy, but to tell the truth about homelessness.. Stepping Stone residents don’t WANT to be homeless, they don’t WANT to live in the homeless shelter, but due to certain seemingly blinding obstacles and bottomless potholes, Stepping Stone is where they live.


Stepping Stone provides guidance in learning how to navigate life’s challenging roads.

Watch to see how we change lives.

We all have a story to tell; we all have experienced those fork-in-the-road decisions that will lead us in one direction or the other. For some, the decision can lead to a path with seemingly blinding obstacles and bottomless potholes.

If you had to write your own story what would it look like? How thick would it be? Who would read it?

At Stepping Stone, each and every resident we serve has his or her own story that led them here.

Take a moment today to hear Andrew’s, Tim’s, David’s and Karen’s stories


We tell these stories not to create sympathy, but to bring the truth about homelessness. Stepping Stone residents don’t WANT to be homeless, they don’t WANT to live in a homeless shelter, but for one reason or another, Stepping Stone is where they live.


In learning about our shelter residents and understanding the integral role Stepping Stone plays in their lives, our hope is that you will share these stories with your friends and family. Help us change the misconceptions and stereotypes of the homeless population from handout to hand-up. At Stepping Stone, we provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment where individuals who are in life’s ultimate crisis can take a break from stresses and come back to “good.” We provide our shelter residents with education and training to not just find a roof over their head, but to keep it.


Thursday, November 14 is Give To The Max Day. It’s a day where you will have an opportunity to donate online to the Minnesota non-profit of your choice. We ask that you choose Stepping Stone and join us in being part of the solution to homelessness.
As you hear our resident’s stories, you will see that Stepping Stone does amazing things in people’s lives. Please help us continue to help…because, who knows, you or someone you know may be faced with a blinding obstacle, a bottomless pothole or a speed bump that feels like a mountain…

Join us to end homelessness – NOVEMBER 14
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